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Impact test is recommended particularly for fragile metals and alloys. ISO 148-1 (EN 10045-1) or ASTM E23 standards are being used in this case. Charpy pendulum impact (V-notch and U-notch) testing method is used for determining the energy absorbed in an impact test of metallic gaskets materials. Impact test is recommended particularly for fragile materials in specific temperatures. Unless otherwise specified, test shall be carried out at 23±5°C, where the test can be carried out in a wide temperature range including sub-zero.

The test report shall include the following information:

  • Standard reference
  • Type of material and cast number
  • Notch type
  • Size of the tested piece, if other than full size
  • Conditioning temperature
  • The absorbed energy in J
  • Any abnormalities that could affect testing process

In most cases the original inspection certificate 3.1 for raw materials includes some results of the impact test. Any special requirements on request.