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Sketch Description

MWK FC27/FU27 is a PTFE-enveloped gasket with kammprofile core (also called grooved / serrated core). Such particular gaskets are widely used in chemical fertilizers plants – typically requested by apparatus applications: High Pressure Urea Stripper / Scrubber / Condenser.
This fully customized bi-material gasket contains of two main components, which are:

  • metal core with kammprofile (grooved/serrated) having convex shape – so called MWK 027 – providing  mechanical features of the gasket
  • PTFE envelope with U-shape – so called FU envelope – preventing the core to be contacted by chemically aggressive fluid from pressurized (inner) side.

Both above components optionally might be ordered as spare part to any of entireMWK FC27/FU27 gasket delivered before.
Our profile called MWK FC27/FU27 is manufactured strictly according to specifications provided by customer which may refer to size, thickness, core material used. There are often supplementary requirements included in of Licencor’s specifications to be fulfilled dependable which company was providing processing technology. The customized MWK FC27/FU27 of us may fulfil conditions of various Licensors like: SAIPEM, UREA CASALE, STAMICARBON, UHDE, TOYO, MITSUBISHI or others upon request.
Gaskets MWK FC27/FU27 are installed inside high pressure equipment in Ammonia / Urea (Carbamide) plants and such application may implicate further specific requirements concerning gasket construction and its features:

  • typically metallic core of gasket MWK FC27/FU27 is requested to be seamless ring construction,
  • core thickness may vary between 3mm and 6mm depending from flange joint construction,
  • most commonly used materials for core are: 310MoLN (1.4466) / 25.22.2 / UNS31050 or 316L Urea Grade (1.4435) / UNS31603 or Safurex (1.4477) / UNS32906,
  • frequent requirements of Huey Test acc. 262-C corrosion and other Destructive and Non-Destructime Tests of metallic material,
  • additional requests about PTFE envelope U-zone shape and PTFE material type.

A wide number of additional conditions concerning quality / testing / specification conditions request.



MWK 027