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Resulting Right Delivery & Installation

Manufacturing is typically finished by quality certification tasks provided either by Spetech Quality Assurance or with engaging of Third Party Quality Assurance Organization or Customer’s Quality Assurance representatives.

Wide selection of Quality Assurance testing and examinations you can find in Quality section (incl. most popular are certificates 3.1 and 3.2 acc. to EN10204, but many others like: TUV, Lloyd's Register, SGS, Intertek available upon request).

Our ‘After Production’ service may also include further support which include either logistic or technical tasks like:

  • flange examination and if needed flange machining,
  • general installation / hydrotest / welding issues,
  • assistance during installation and installation supervision,
  • EN 1591-4 training for installation personnel,
  • bolt torques (tighten values) and flange joint calculations or approvals,
  • suggestions about handling / transport to installation site.

Feel free to contact us in case that you need any CONSULTING service requested.