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SPETORING® R-B Convex Gasket

SPETORING® R-B convex style seals different than others seals described in this section are widely installed in the standard flanges. Due to the metal – metal contact between the convex surface of the gasket and the flange face the tightness of the joint is very high, gasket is resitance to blowout, chemical attack and fire-safe. Additionally convex gasket geometry in the same moment ensures very long service life time and protects flange face from being damaged. The rule is that the SPETORING® R-B convex gaskets should be produced from material softer than flange faces and in the in special cases you can use galvanic coating or layers (silver, aluminium) to achieve this. Convex seals are manufactured in accordance with many dimension standards beside popular international (ASME, EN, JIS, GOST, etc most popular are DIN 7603 form D for union fittings and DIN 837 for pressure gauges and associated valves).

SPETOACTIV® R-K Self energized metal seal

This special self energized metal seal is the only existing self energized metal seal that request no groove in the flange. It is a combination of self energized v-ring with centering ring which works also as supporting (anti collapsing) ring. Thanks to the SPETOACTIV® R-K supporting ring this seal might be used on flat flanges with no need to have time and efforts taking groove machining operation, which should make Self-Energized Seals an optional solution for most of trouble making applications.


Called also as wire ring. This seals is capable to work in a very high load stress, provide good peformance in high pressure enviroment, can be used to seal three or more surfaces in one moment. Since there are no standards for SPETORING® R-O this king of seal they are always manufactured basing on customer specific demand (material, size, cross-section).

SPETORING® RTJ Transition rings

SPETORING® RTJ transition rings are used for sealing ring type joints in which the flanges have different ring groove diameters or even for jointing two flangesd being totally different style (flange with grove with flat flange style).