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SPETOACTIV® R-O gasket (metal o-ring) is applied in very rigid joints where the requirements for the tightness are high; gaskets may be delivered in sizes up to 5000 mm; easy to install; may be additionaly coated with PTFE, silver, lead, which facilitates forming on the flange face; manufactured as interanlly pressurized and non-pressurized to increase contact stress, made of various materials and in different dimension standards; may be used (when the dimensions of the joint arrangement is appropriate) in installations with external and internal pressure; SPETOACTIV® R-O may also work in the triangle flange arrangement and seal three surfaces.


SPETOACTIV® R-C gasket (metal C-ring) is one of the most popular selfenergized gaskets manufactured in dimensions up to 3000 mm; used in uneven flange faces; available in different materials, sizes and with various coatings; this solution can be applied for service conditions (depending on the material used) up to 870°C and 170MPa; relatively good resilience; depending on the load the appropriate construction of the gasket should be chosen, due to the fact that C-ring’s service depends on the direction of the pressure; in special styles gaskets may be equipped with the inner metal spring increasing initial loads and tighness, so that they may be applied at low pressures.


The SPETOACTIV® R-CS gasket (so-called metal C-ring with a spring) is equipped with an internal spring increasing initial pressure, and consequently the tightness and the possibility to work with low and high pressure, it has got durable, high flexible recovery.


SPETORING® R-U gasket (metal U-ring) can be applied at low intitial loads, has good recovery characteristics, ability to compensate for the uneven and flauty flange faces, so may be installed in the low rigidity joints; manufactured in many material types up to the diameter of 1200 mm, usually without the coating; for service conditions up to 870°C and 80MPa; like R-C i R-E styles, R-U gaskets care should be taken in order to choose appropriate construction due to the service requirements. SPETORING® R-UM solid metal style is also available.