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SPETORING® RTJ (octagonal) gaskets have been widely used mainly in oil and gas industry; they are manufactured from steel (special alloys on request) and installed in special flange arrangement; at present only trapezoidal arrangement is applied for octagonal RTJ-R gaskets; RTJ-R gaskets have total blowout resistance, its design provides two sealing barriers, therefore they do not fail in very dangerous installatios; in special styles available also as a plug, wiht centring ring, galvanized; manufactured almost exclusivily in dimension standards according to NPS 36, non standard up to 3000 mm.


SPETORING® RTJ (oval) gasket is manufactured from steel or special alloys, available in the same dimensions as octagonal gasket; may be applied also in very old, semi-round grooves in flanges; gasket is blowout resistant, has two sealing barriers; due to the contact area between semi-round surface of the gasket and the flange face the stress is built up which helps improve tightness; applied in installations containing dangerous medium; in special styles available as the plug with centring ring or galvanized; manufactured almost always in dimension standards according to NPS 36, non standard up to 3000 mm.


SPETORING® RTJ-RX gasket is a modified version of RTJ-R which has higher active internal pressure resulting in increased contact stress; RTJ-RX gaskets are manufactured from various sealing materials; in special constructions with galvanic coating.


SPETORING® RTJ-BX gaskets are engineered for the highest pressure ratings up to 20.000 psi; it is a solution requiring special facing arrangement; blowout resistant, opening in the axial direction has the function of balancing the pressure loads in the situation when the inner sealing barrier is not tight; the gasket manufactured only in dimension standards to NPS 30.


Beside the standard RTJ seals we provide RTJ oval or octagonal, RX and BX profiles as blind rings. Shape of the rings is similar to seals which they replace, but commonly they are equipped with a plate which facilitate installation for maintenance service and also enable to include any necessary information of basic data of the connection.