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The SPETOTERM® TUI 50 is the square braided packing, used to seal the furnace doors, installations containing melted metals in steel works, firesafe zones in the pipelines, thermal dilatations, ship hauls; the packing may be also impregnated with graphite or PTFE; depending on material used the following styles can be distinguished: TUI 50 S glass fibre up to 450°C; TUI 50 S75 high temperature glass fibre up to 750, TUI 50 C ceramic fibre up to 1000°C (1200°C), TUI 50 CR – ceramic fibre with wire reinforcement up to 1000°C (1200°C); due to ecological consideration, the sealing is manufactured from special glass fibre S75.

spetoterm_tui_70_nSPETOTERM® TUI 70I N110spetoterm_tui_70_iSPETOTERM® TUI 70J 120spetoterm_tui_70_j

TheSPETOTERM® TUI 70 is a ceramic fiber based, high temperature resistant static gasket. SPETOTERM® TUI 70I gasket family is manufactured from the same materials as for TUI 70 series, but have the steel core; such gasket has better mechanical stability in service, and importantly during assembly; steel core allows for the production of the gaskets with dimensions exceeding those of sheet, depending on the material used the following styles are available: TUI 70I N85 (up to 850°C), TUI 70I N110 (up to 1100°C), TUI 70I B120, TUI 70I G120 (up to 1200°C) the difference between TUI 70I B120 and TUI 70I G120 lies in conformability of the layers; in the latter case, layers are much harder which results in thicker gasket after assembly, typically, metal core is manufactured from carbon steel.

spetoterm_tui_810SPETOTERM® TUI 810 Jspetoterm_tui_810_jSPETOTERM® TUI 811 Ispetoterm_tui_811_i

The SPETOTERM® TUI 810 is a soft, easily formed material, manufactured from flogop plates bonded with special silicone filler, firbre-free material, main applications: exhaust systems, sealing of heat furnaces, for strongly oxidising fluid media and heat shields; material can be punched, cut with knife or special cutters; often delivered as full face gasket, standard thickness 1mm, also available in thicknesses 2.0, 3.0 mm; standard sizes of the sheet 1000x1000mm; for dimensions above 1000mm recommended form of delivery is the gasket on the steel core TUI 810 I , soft elements of the gaskets may then be made from segments, recommended service temperature up to 750°C.

spetoterm_tui_810_iSPETOTERM® TUI 811 Jspetoterm_tui_811_j

The SPETOTERM® TUI 810 J gasket is manufactured in the similar way to TUI 810 I, but corrugated ring is used as the metal core, which improves recovery, ensures better forming when the flanges are misaligned or uneven, corrugated ring also creates beneficial effect of higher loads in the areas of the corrugation peaks, which improves sealability, thickness of corrugated insert 1.5mm, also in this case, metal ring facilitates manufacture of segment gasket of dimensions over 1000mm.


The SPETOTERM® TUI 830 is the standard material used in manufacture of gaskets with perforated stainless steel core; mica flakes bonded with special binding agent show almost absolute inertness in contact with strongly oxidising media such as HNO3 l ub H 2SO4 even at elevated temperatures; stainless steel reinforcement improves mechanical strength of the material, however, its application is limited to approximately 650°C, in order to achieve better sealability inner steel or silver eyelet is recommended (TUI 831).

SPETOTERM® TUI 910 JSPETOTERM® TUI 910 Ispetoterm_tui_910

SPETOTERM® TUI 910 is the upgraded sealing material recommended for applications reaching 1000°C. This special structure phlogophit mica material may be used in most difficult working conditions combining high temperature, high pressure and strong oxidation environment. SPETOTERM TUI 910 thanks to excellent performance in heavy duty application —is widely used as filler for spiral wounds and layers for kammprofiles.