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Spetech® Manway Seals for steam drum manway doors are mostly used in power plants industry. They are designed to secure safety and reliability of steam drum doors while handle with temperature and pressure fluctuations, bolt stress relaxation and creep, sometimes also toxic and corrosive media  and chemicals.
Temperature and pressure fluctuation cause extreme variations of compressive load acting on gasket. While vessel heats up – very high internal pressure acts on the inside of the cover and is transmitted to very high compressive load which requires to use the gasket with very high resistance to surface stress. From the other hand while vessel cools down the internal pressure fall down and cover is released – gasket needs to have suitable elastic recovery possibilities. Additionally trouble making factor is manhole door flange surface which is often far from excellent state. All these above issues make Manway Seals critical and troublemaking.
Manholes as well as handholes require special gasket to be installed after being put inside the vessel. Typically these type of connections are oval or obround shaped. Such shapes are easy to put inside trough revision entry. Less popular shape, but causing additional difficulties in installation, are round shape interior revision entries – you need to use special ideas to put solid metal core round gasket inside manhole with entry diameter is equal to inner diameter of the gasket...
Since over 30 years Spetech® only focus on Manway Gaskets solutions based on Solid Metal core and High Performance Sigraflex® graphite (we don’t supply rubber or ptfe based solutions as these are not our
specialization). Having ‘over decades’ experience collected – Spetech® become true leader for High Duty Manway applications – and found also the idea to put successfully solid metal round core inside manhole.
In case of Top Flat Kammprofile MWK50B usage there is possibility to bend and straighten Top Flat Kammprofile gasket without risk of damaging it (as might be a critical failure risk while using Spiral Wound).
MWK50B gasket consists of a very thin kammprofile core which can be bended while being put through revision entry. After being inside the vessel kammprofile core is getting flat again and ready to install. Both sides high-purity graphite layers optionally might be put on core just before installation while gasket core is already inside device.
Other profiles which we provide are dedicated for oval and obround shapes of manway application: these are Kammprofiles, Spiral Wound, and Expanded Graphite gaskets. Beside these three classic solutions and basing we introduced and provide much more reliable solutions which is Carrier Rings GUS660 profile (for ellipse, obround, rectangle, diamond, pear shape).