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spetoring_lensSPETORING® LENS SPECIAL STANDARDspetoring_lens_standard

Most popular Lens Gasket being nowadays installed are manufactured to well known standard DIN 2696 which describes Lens Gaskets from DN 10 PN 63 up to DN300 PN 400.

Beside DIN 2696 standard there are many like ‘Company Specifications’ (or ‘National Standards’ or ‘Branch Standards’) which describe in details particular shapes and details of lens forecasted especially to any Company (or Country or Branch). All these particular construction are covered by Spetech production program.

Another two ideas meet widely in lens gaskets area are: galvanization of lens seals (which mainly aims are to improve tightness of the connection and/ or decrease roughness (smoothness) of the flange contacting areas and providing blind or spectacle-type blind lens seals (used for special purposes like emergency, maintenance or any other).

Lens Gaskets described above which are manufactured to many different standards are in practice forecasted to various standard pipeline connections. Spetech is manufacturing also customized lens gaskets with maximum size of 3000mm. Such special constructions are producing acc. to special customers specifications, drawings, and other data.


Beside the standard Lens gaskets we provide Lens blind rings. Shape of the rings is similar to seals which they replace, but commonly they are equipped with a plate which facilitate installation for maintenance service and also enable to include any necessary information of basic data of the connection.


Spectacle Blind Lens gaskets are used in purpose to separate pipesystems or to connect with each other. Set of two Lenses of certain size (where one of the gasket is blind and the other is a ring) is connected by flat section of steel. Such Spectacle-Blind pair is applied in pipelines which regularly need to be separated from other installations.

When pipeline is in "working conditions" Spectacle Blind Lens is mounted in the „open" position so that flow through the pipe is possible. "Maintenance condition" on a pipeline section is the reason to change the spectacle to the „close" position. In such case, after removal of bolts, the Spectacle Blind is rotated and after re-installing the bolts, pipe is blocked and no flow is possible.

spetoring_lens_5002SPETORING® LENS BLINDspetoring_lens_blindSPETORING® LENS 1 BRANCHspetoring_lens_branch1SPETORING® LENS 2 BRANCHspetoring_lens_branch2

Special group of Lens joints acc. to standard TB.HPU.5002. This special production line includes: Lens rings, Lens blinds, Lens gasket with integrated 1 or 2 branches. All these products are intended for Urea fertilizer installations operating on very high pressures and processing very corrosive components. For these reasons, in aim to eliminate risk of explosion, fire and contamination, the components used in these plants have to respect improved parameters of quality.