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Sketch Description

Another type of solution that we provide with function of sealing the gap between Longitudinal Baffle and HX’s shell is classic Lamiflex Seal.
Lamiflex Seal consists of single [x1] or mulitple [x2, x3, x4] leaves of thin metal strip. Spetech designation is accordingly JJ-1 -2 -3 -4 and inform how many leaves were used for single Lamiflex pack. Leaves are manufactured from steel 0,1 to 0,3mm thick and are delivered in flat form with drilled holes having diameter and spacing corresponding to holes drilled in longitudinal baffle. After the Lamiflex is bolted to longitudinal baffle it is ready to slide inside the HX’s shell.
Before installing the bundle inside the HX’s shell, a 45deg cut is recommended to be performed at heading part of Lamiflex pack. Such chamfer facilitate inserting the leaves and prevent from unwanted Lamiflex breaks during sliding it inside.
The key differences between JJ1 JJ4 classic Lamiflex seals versus YY1 … YY4 baffle seals are:

  • Lamiflex Seal required firm bolting to longitudinal baffle (while style YY is a self-clamping seal without need of any bolting)
  • Final shaping (longitudinal bending) of Lamiflex Baffle is acquired during sliding the bundle inside the shell (while style YY is delivered already in ‘pre-formed’ state).