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The SPETOBAR® BAS® 300 is a material based on aramid firbres and other non-asbestos fillers bonded by mix of high quality elastomers in the special calendring process; the material has good forming properties, low permeability, good mechanical properties and withstands high temperatures; it can be applied as a “universal” sealing solutions within the range of medium temperature and mechanical loads; material can work in services with exposure to oxygen; as standard, BAS® 300 has anti-adhesion surfaces of high coefficient of friction; used in hydraulic, cooling systems (containing freon and based on water cooling agents), water solutions, fuels, solvents, de-freezing agents, alkalis.


The SPETOBAR® BAS® 340 is a non-asbestos sheet or a gasket based on aramid firbres, non-organic fillers with high quality elastomer as a binder, manufactured in a multi-stage calendering process, has mechanical and temperature characteristics distingishing it from other fibre materials; it is physiologically safe, without any pigments, exhibits excellent tensile strength, shearing and stress resistance; in service with gas and liquids, e.g. oils, fuels, freons, liquid gases, solvents, hot water and steam but without pressure and temperature fluctuations1); easy to handle, exhibits outstanding chemical resistance and ability to work in high pressures; Surface treatment: as standard, SPETOBAR® BAS® 340 is coated with a nonstick agent of high coefficient of friction (stabilizes the gasket in the joint), therefore no further steps to improve surface characteristics are necessary; only in situations where relative movement is the case, sheet (gasket) may be delivered with graphited surface on one or both sides; BAS® 340 is one of t he very few fibre materials t hat are fire-safe (BS 6755); may be exposed to oxygen, food, gas, potable water etc.

1) – in case of hot water or steam installation with load cyclings, SPETOGRAF® gaskets are recommended.


The SPETOBAR® BAS® 340 I is the sheet manufactured from the same fibre-elastomeric mix as SPETOBAR® BAS® 340; therefore it has similar properties as per chemical resistance, resilience, physiological safety, resistance to ageing etc.; it is, however, equipped with 0.5mm thick, mesh 1.4404 stainless steel reinforcement, this reinforcement increases tensile strength, resistance to stress and resilience, also makes the gasket more rigid which is important during the installation;thanks to the reinforcement, the material can withstand higher pressure and/or temperature loads which is important in hot water or steam service; also reinforcement does not have negative influence on permeabilty, due to the special technological process; BAS® 340 I is used in chemical industry, refineries, power plants, coke plants, in all places where substantial pressure and temperature loads occur and where the flange faces are narrow, BAS® 340 I has a non-stick top and bottom layer of high coefficient of friction; in special version – when used in components which rotate on te gasket during assembly, a graphite coating on one or both sides of the gasket is required.


The SPETOBAR® BAS® 340 R is a sheet made of the same fibre and elastomeric composition as SPETOBAR® BAS® 340; it has internal reinforcement of zinc-plated carbon steel net which increases its resistance for tearing, squeezing and cutting.