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double_sealings_mwk_28SPETOMET® MWK® 50 / SPETOSPIR® SWZdouble_sealings_mwk_50SPETOGRAF® GUS® 660 / SPETOSPIR® Sdouble_sealings_gus_660

The construction of Spetech Double Sealing Systems i s t hat a m ore rigid gasket (having less compressibility) with a high spring rate e.g. Dryflex or GUS 660 gasket is used for the gasket in the main-load. In the same construction as the secondary gasket (which is put in the offload position) should be used gasket with higher compressibility factor (for example spiral wound type or pure graphite layers).

How does it work? Function of primary seal is to ensure tightness and reliability of the connection (it works as classic gasket). Hence secondary seal is not exposed to high pressure any more and than secondary seal may be used just to stop any eventual leaks (passing through primary seal or any welds in monitored area). Being such barrier secondary seal lets to dispose leaks to leakage measuring devices in aim to provide continuous control of tightness of the connection. If the rate of leakage rise – this is the information that something wrong is starting with the gasket / welds inside monitored area.

The selection of Double Sealing System to be used for the gaskets in the main-load and the off-load may be calculated by Spetech individually to customers request. The aim of this customized calculation is to proof the excellent tightness of the joint from one hand and and from the other hand such calculation let to estimate fl ange rotation that occurs in the moment of installing the Double Sealing System and to prevent from bad results of such rotation.