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SPETORING® R-S Double Cone Seals

SPETORING® R-S Double Cone Seals are provided commonly to highest duty pressure vessels equipment (mostly in chemical processing industry). Typical working pressure 50-350 bars and typical temperature up to 400°C, diameter between 500 to 3000mm. They are self-energized gasket which construction details need to be designed essentially by the device designers. Although they look similar to octagonal RTJ the rule of sealing effect ot the joint is different than RTJ.

How it works? After being acted by internal pressure, double cone seal expands outward and the contact pressure between gasket and flange increases substancially. Normally at the conical surfaces of the SPETORING® R-S Double Cone Seal layers of soft metal are installed – mostly silver, soft iron, aluminium or cooper with thicknes of 0,5÷1mm. To increase friction conical surfaces of gasket (which contact with flange surfaces) are often additionally machined: either with 2-5 groovs (0,5÷1mm deep) or given convex shape.

Please note that during fitting the radial gap of 0,05mm for every 100mm of diameter of non-assembled seal should be precisely controlled and at the cylindrical, supporting surface of cover should be machined longitudinal grooves; Hence internal pressure act on the cylindrical internal surface of the gasket.