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grafmet_960 GRAFMET® 962grafmet_962 GRAFMET® 970grafmet_970 GRAFMET® 972grafmet_972 GRAFMET® 960 Rgrafmet_960_r GRAFMET® 971grafmet_971

GRAFMET® 960 is a die-formed ring from expanded graphite of 1.6 g/cm3 density and industrial or nuclear purity (GRAFMET® 960N), applied in valves and vessels as so called self-sealing gasket. The gap between the body and the cover, cover and the press ring, press ring and the body should not be bigger than 0.7mm for GRAFMET® 960; for bigger gaps and when contact stresses δ>100 N/mm2, GRAFMET® 962 is recommended. At present, GRAFMET® 960 i s r einforced w ith s tainless steel foil. GRAFMET® 962, also of trapezoid cross-section, is externally reinforced by metal caps which prevent the extrusion of graphite when the gaps exceed 0.7mm and high contact stresses over 100N/mm2 occur; additionally, the caps protect the graphite from erosion and oxidation; for big diametres and wide gaps, metal caps may be machined – GRAFMET® 962 M, such a sealing solution is most commonly applied in vessels to seal their covers. When the rings have rectangular cross section, their designations are accordingly GRAFMET® 970 and GRAFMET® 972 with machined caps.


The GRAFMET® 970 rings are available in a special TRANSFLEX® set containing metal sectional rings of variable dimensions enabling compensation of clearance, even large ones of unpredicted dimensions, on existing high-temperature great-flow fittings and/or apparatus and heat exchangers, under self-caulking covers. A soft component can be offered as a pre-formed graphite ring, e.g.: TRANSFLEX® 960/970, or woven packing, e.g.: TRANSFLEX® 960/880. Structures for rectangular stuffing-boxes are also available. In such a case, soft sealing component remains unchanged whereas two expanding rings are installed on the box bottom. This is the Transflex® 970/970 product.