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This phase includes identification and diagnostic tasks about the flange connection. Typical cases which we are dealing within this phase are:

  • newly built flange joints in designing stage – being from some reasons subject of special care of designing units – and therefore requiring our consulting support (SERVICE FOR DESIGNING ENGINEERS)
  • already existing and troublemaking flange joints – being yet in operation but from some reasons need improvement and modification (SERVICE FORM MAINTENANCE ENGINEERS)

By studying the application we figure out potential risks / reasons of leakage and search about available ideas to secure the flange joint connection. Wide look on sealing solutions available / among current sealing technique lead to selection of ‘promising solutions’ dedicated for particular case studied.

Dependable from type of the problem (size / working parameters / external forces / type of application / others) we should be also capable to sort out seals type / geometry / material / sizing / other critical data which should be ‘promising BAT’ [Best Available Technology] for your particular case.

This stage includes analytical calculation basing of available calculation algorithms, sometimes also required reverse engineering which might be necessary to examine existing flanges / seal joints used.