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SPETORING AL+PTFE fully customized bi-material carrier ring containing of two parts: internal from virgin PTFE and external from dedicated Aluminium 99.5%. Both parts are fit together either by ‘half lap splice’ joint or by “bevel cut’ joint being ready to install inside pressure equipment. Such a gasket is typically requested by one of following applications: Urea Stripper Manhole Cover / Carbamate Separator Manhole Cover / Ammonium carbamate separator / Ammonia Reactor in chemical or fertilizer industry. All these types of gaskets are manufactured strictly acc. specification provided by customer.


SPETOGRAF® GUS® 600 gaskets are recommended for extremely difficult applications, with very high loads both static and dynamic, as well as for old, damaged flange faces or where limited bolt stress is the case. These may be flanges adjacent to pumps, compressors, gate valves etc. self-compensating pipelines, floating heads, inspection holes; application of properly selected layers eliminates necessity of reconditioning of flange faces and ensures very good elastic recovery as well as compenastion of bolt relaxation; gasket is resistant to external loads, blowout and has constant axial dimension (important for machine construction); has very good tightness. Main applications of SPETOGRAF® GUS® 660 gaskets are large heat exchangers, vessels found in chemical industry sealing the floating head and vessel's bottom, valves in petrochemical industry, refineries and power plants, pipelines in power engineering installations. SPETOGRAF® GUS® 660 gaskets are individually selected for specific applications by SPETECH engineers.

Metallic core of 660 style gasket is equipped with grooves which are filled by elastic material. Commonly this can be layers of pure elastic graphite, or layers of elastic graphite with metal insert. Sometimes also spiral wound gasket are installed in grooves.

Special construction of carrier ring is the profile with asymmetric positioning of the grooves in the core. Such solution allows to minimize thickness of the core — what is especially useful for applications where flat gasket is a must.


SPETOGRAF® GUS® 670 I gaskets are applied in very narrow flange faces in tongue and groove as well as in male and female flanges; properties similar to those of SPETOGRAF® GUS® 660.