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The Baffle Seal is a special kind of fully metal seal. Different from any other flange seals described in this catalogue Baffle Seal is a particular seal also forecasted for pressure vessels (heat-exchangers and others), but different from other seals located inside the equipment with function of sealing gaps between of longitudinal edges of the baffles with the inner side of shell.

In old fashioned equipment with no usage of baffle seal suffered of efficiency decrease of due to undesired exchange between opposite mediums (e.g hot / cold) chambers via narrow gap along baffle and shell. Usage of SPETECH multi lamellas baffle seal prevent from such undesired scheme.

Although this solution may look as very basic and not sophisticated and Baffle Seal is never 100% leakproof, applying it is one of most easy any efficient way to increase output of multi chambers process vessels.

The baffle seal is easy installed onto the longitudinal baffle yet while it is outside the shell. Thanks to its springy and self clenching construction customer receive a baffle seal ready to install with no need to use any special tools, screws, bolts during installation. Just put the Baffle Seal along the baffle (when it is yet outside the shell) and drive into the shell of the vessel. Finish.

Spetech supplies Baffle Seals acc. to length required by final user. The standard material is grade 316 steel, but many other (see Common Used Material table.) may be used. Purely metal construction ensures safe functioning over a wide temperature range and made Baffle Seal resistant to long time ageing process.

The lamellae of baffle seal and the lamellae holder are joined together by spot-welds, thus forming one unit ready to install being very solid and having excellent lamellas spring back effect. As standard two sizes of lamellas holders widths are available 20mm and 30mm. Holders are available for thickness 4mm up to 25mm of the longitudinal baffle.