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SPETECH is an authorized distributor of SGL Group – The Carbon Company – one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon based products. SGL comprehensive portfolio ranges from carbon and graphite products to carbon fibers and composites.

Due to unique properties, carbon and graphite are indispensable materials for many industries, such as the steel, aluminum, semiconductor, energy, automotive, aerospace, sporting goods, chemical and environmental protection industries.

The raw material used in the production of SIGRAFLEX and SIGRAFINE is natural graphite flake with well-ordered crystalline structures. SGL Carbon select the highest quality raw materials from the various grades available around the world. Graphite intercalation compounds are produced from the naturalgraphite flakes. The thermal decomposition (expansion) of these compounds leads to the formation of loose “worms“ of pure graphite, which are compressed into foils without binder or filler. The resultingalignment of the graphite particles and their planar structures produces a high degree of directional dependence (anisotropy) in the properties.

Characteristic Properties

  • Low permeability to gases and liquids
  • Flexibility, soft texture
  • Resistance to most media
  • Absence of health hazard; asbestos-free
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Suitability for use at temperatures ranging from -250°C up to approx. 3000°C depending on installation and service conditions:
    • in an inert atmosphere up to approx. 800°C (limits imposed by metal reinforcement to be observed)
    • for applications in air at more than approx. 400°C, users should request our advice
  • Absence of binders means no ageing or embrittlement
  • Long-term stability of compressibility and recovery over a wide temperature range
  • No cold or warm flow up to maximum permissible gasket pressure
  • High residual stress
  • Properties highly anisotropic, particularly in respect of electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Resistance to radiation
  • Very good resistance to thermal shock
  • Ease of cutting or punching

The high purity of SIGRAFLEX derives from the raw materials used, as well as from the quality of the mechanical, chemical and thermal purification processes.Graphite sheets are manufactured in various forms, namely unreinforced, impregnated or reinforced. A distinction is made between sheets reinforced with perforated sheet steel and those using smoothstainless steel foil reinforcement. The special impregnation of our sheets ensures scratch resistance, antistick behavior, greater strength and lower gas permeability.