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The certified sealing set of leak tightness: 3,2∙10-3 mbar∙l/(s∙m) according to VDI 2440 in compliance with requirements of the German Clean Air Act TA-Luft. Tightness is certified for operation in a temperature of equal and above 250°C. The set is made of expanded graphite, hence its high resistance to relaxation. The SPETOPAK® WGR-TA1 sealing set is distinguished by its lowest, of all known products, assembly pressure of 40N/mm2. The reinforced closing rings allow operation of the set in highest pressure systems (up to 300bar). When operation in a very high temperature is planned, consultation about the reinforcing material is recommended and use of an unstandard reinforcing material can be required.
The set consists of 6 profiled rings, each of them has a different function, therefore the condition for effective operation is to use a complete packet. The effect of highest tightness is achieved due to special profiles of the rings and suitably selected density of respected items of the packet. Please note that SPETECH others sets of TA-Luft packing sets are soon to be certified (e.g. SPETOPAK® WGR-TA2 and SPETOPAK WGR-TA3).



SPETOPAK® WGR-TA 8515 is a sealing set of tightness in accordance to VDI 2440 (5,6∙10-5 mbar∙l/(s∙m) as required by the German Clean Air Act TA-Luft for temperatures lower than 250°C. It is made of multi-filament yarn consisting of carbon fiber and PTFE film. It is available both as a cord on a spool and/or complete packet. When a cord is concerned, it must be taken into account that achievement of required degree of leak tightness in compliance with the TA-Luft regulation requires the ring has to be prepared according to description contained in the certification report. Also in this case, intending to achieve required effects of leak tightness, a full packet should be used observing requirements regarding method of assembly (assembly stresses, setting up rings) and condition of the fittings (e.g. roughness of a stem surface). Please note that SPETECH others sets of TA-Luft packing sets are soon to be certified (e.g. SPETOPAK® WGR-TA 8535 and SPETOPAK® WGR-TA 8530). For most updated list of ‘Clean Air Act’ complied packings, as well as packings sets acc. to API of Fire Safety Tests please contact SPETECH.