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Third generation of a kammprofile gasket. The DryFlex® gasket was designed as a high quality industrial gasket, combining the advantages of soft-material gaskets and metal gaskets. Very high elastic recovery, blowout resistance and the surface pressure. The gasket is in compilance with the tightness criteria of VDI 2200 and can be regarded as a high-grade sealing system for the purposes of TA-LUFT.

Also available standard profiles SPETOMET® MWK – see SPETECH STATIC GASKETS


Spiral Wound Gaskets (SWG) for covers of fittings are made according to customer specifications, specifying the following features:

  • thickness of a gland: 2.5mm; 3.2mm; 4.5mm
  • outline (contour): round, elliptic, oval, rectangular (see Drg. ….)
  • stiffness: standard or ‘Low stress’
  • material combination: standard metal materials for production of SWG products, see Table…
  • mostely used shapes in valves: S, SWZ

The glands can be installed on faying surfaces: Flat Faces (SZ, SWZ), Raised Faces (SW, SWZ), Tongue and Groove (SI), Male/Female (S, SW), also in a joint with so called Multi-channel transmision.


Generally, the RTJ glands are made according to the dimensional standards as API 6B, ASME 16.20, EN 12 560. The basic shapes are rings of an octagonal section (SPETORING® RTJ-R) or oval section (SPETORING® RTJ-OR). They are applied mostly to oil and gas systems, and to medium- and high-pressure power installations. SPETORING® RTJ is a sealing resistant, almost completely, to blowing out, having a double line of sealing that augments is operational safeness. The gland should be made of a material more soft than the material of flanges (flanges must have respective seats). Most popular options of the material are shown in the table.

SPETORING® RTJ can be offered i n o ther m aterial o ptions a nd/or unstandard dimensions. Customized options with silver/chromium/zinc coating are also available.