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Thin Profile, Form-In-Place Gasketing

Whenever Compressed Thickness is Critical

GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT is a flat, thin, form-in-place gasketing material. It can be used to form a full-face strip-type gasket under 100 mm wide for smooth, flat, rectangular sealing surfaces or for narrow sealing surfaces. It easily compresses into an extremely thin profile, and requires only minimal compression to seal. GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT is an ideal choice when compressed thickness is critical, and perfect for equipment with tight tolerances.

Available in a variety of widths and thickness, this gasketing can be shaped easily and quickly, without precutting, to fit any ring-type or full-face gasket application. GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT , with self-adhesive backing, can be used anywhere you need a flat, thin, engineered gasket.

Always Fits Just Right

Because it is engineered to exacting width and thickness specifications, GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT will always fit perfectly on sealing surfaces where compressed thickness or width is critical. It is ideal for any application that has complicated or narrow sealing surfaces, that needs edge-to-edge coverage or that requires full-face gasketing.

Ideal for Original Equipment

GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT is an engineered form-in-place gasketing material. Because it can fill large surface irregularities, a high-grade surface finish is not necessary. Often, this saves time and money. Stress factors can be calculated accurately using conventional methods. You can depend on GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT for a consistently perfect fit.

Available standard sizes of GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT

GORE® Joint Sealant DB / FT is available in all combinations of:

  • thickness 0,5, 1,0, 1,5 and 3,0 mm.
  • width 12, 20, 25, 50 and 100 mm.
  • spool length 10 m.

Detailed installation instructions and recommendations on size selections are contained in Gore literature.

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