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Weld Ring Gaskets for limited flange spread possibilities

Weld Ring Gaskets are known as one of most reliable of all industrial gaskets providing 100% tightness. But standard Weld Ring Gasket require about 30 to 50mm gap between spread flanges to be installed which sometimes might be an issue.

A common question from people willing to put Weld Ring Seal is “can this 30 or 50mm spread be somehow reduced”, as sometimes large flange spread distance is not available.

The answer is ‘YES, the spread can be reduced’ and the solution you can find on presented RM4 / RM5 / RM6 Weld Rings height and flange spread gap comparation.




This particular SPETORING RM6 solution needs only about 8mm flange spread. In the same moment it is capable to compensate axial and radial differential expansions and fully resistant to thermal and pressure shocks just in the same way that other classic ‘omega’ lip weld-ring gaskets can do. 

Such special RM-6 concept solves following problems:

  • total dimensional chain of equipment / installation remains nearly the same,
  • effectively no longer bolts are needed after putting RM-6 instead of previous flat gasket solution.



Our production is just in progress with RM6 Weld Ring from alloy 800 forecasted for High Temp application.
Another example of customized Special Metal Seals from #SPETECH to heavy chemistry💪

Watch a short movie and find out why to use SPETORING® RM Weld Ring Gaskets instead of flat ones👇