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Special gaskets - Lamiflex Seals JJ

New sealing solution to secure gap between Longitudinal Baffle and Heat Exchanger’s shell available from SPETECH
Beside self clamping baffle seals style ‘YY’ - we are introducing SPETECH® Lamiflex seals style ‘JJ’.




The key differences between JJ1 - JJ4 classic Lamiflex seals versus YY1 - YY4 baffle seals are:

  • Lamiflex JJ Seal required firm bolting to longitudinal baffle (while style YY is a self-clamping seal without need of any bolting),
  • Final shaping (longitudinal bending) of Lamiflex JJ Seals is acquired during sliding the bundle inside the shell (while style YY is delivered already in ‘pre-formed’ state).

By starting deliveries of JJ Lamiflex Spetech tight up cooperation with Heat Exchanger Manufacturers.

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