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Testing the opening of safety valves is often problematic and burdensome for users, because it requires stopping the installation, emptying it of the medium, disassembling the valve, installing it on the test stand and reassembling it. The SpetoValve service is a response to the needs of our customers to perform valve tests without interrupting the installation operation, in a much shorter time than in the case of the traditional method. Periodic control of safety valves opening is a mandatory activity, regulated by legal regulations.

No need to disassemble the valves is of great importance for the smooth operation of the entire plant: it does not cause downtime and allows you to significantly reduce control costs. After its completion, the client receives a detailed report on the service provided. The SpetoValve service can be performed on almost all media (except some crystallizing media), also in "Ex" explosion hazard zones.

The tests are aimed at checking the correct operation of the safety valve setting installed in the plant and during operation, no need to disassemble and remove the valve from the installation. The scope of research activities includes: control of the conditions for conducting the research, research procedure, preparation of a report. The service is dedicated to for heat and power industry, gas industry, chemical industry, refining and petrochemical industries, and oil mining.