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A test stand for determination of leak level in line with the algorithm specified in the EN 13555 standard.

Tests are conducted at room temperature under a variable load. The tests are used to determine the Qsmin(L) and Qmin(L) values. The helium testing pressure may reach up to 160 bar.

The determined coefficients may be used directly in calculations for flange joints made in line with the EN 1591-1:2009 and …:2014 standards. The stand allows for conducting other tests, consisting in the determination of correlations between values such as load, pressure and leakage.

Continuous measurement of leakage is performed by vacuum method using a helium spectrometer.

Key Data and Testing Possibilities

  • arbitrarily set and regulated system rigidity, performed with a special press-controlling algorithm,
  • possibility to test samples up to the (active) diameter of Φ110mm, (larger active gasket diameters to be determined),
  • maximum test pressure 300 bar,
  • maximum pressure force 1000 kN,
  • research media: helium, a mixture of nitrogen and helium (others using the burette system),
  • possibility to modify the test algorithm as regards time, temperature, pressure, load and their rise time.