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A test stand for determining Qsmax, EG, PQR (ΔeGc,I), μG characteristic's factors of gaskets in line with EN:13555.

The tests are performed at room temperatures and at temperatures increased up to 800°C. The tests may be performed under variable loads and temperatures. The determined parameters / coefficients may be used directly in calculations for flange joints made in line with the EN 1591-1:2009 and …:2014 standards. The stand allows for conducting other tests, consisting in the determination of correlations between values such as: the variability of the material thickness, load and temperature.

Key Data and Testing Possibilities

  • arbitrarily set and regulated system rigidity, performed with a special press-controlling algorithm,
  • possibility to test samples up to the (active) diameter of Φ110mm, (larger active gasket diameters to be determined),
  • maximum pressure force 1000 kN,
  • maximum test temperature 800°C,
  • displacement measurement conducted centrally in the axis,
  • possibility to modify the test algorithm as regards time, temperature, pressure, load and their rise time.