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Welcome to our Laboratory of Sealing Materials.
We invite to test your Gaskets and Packings with us - you will be impressed by our Technical Competence and delighted by Customer Service provided.

There are several facts that are making sealing materials more and more crucial within recent years. It is due to increasing importance of Fugitive Emissions reductions along with Environment Protection requirements becoming increasingly urgent. Moreover, it is as a consequence of growing expectations towards safety issues and worldwide striving to increase working lifetime and overall reliability of industrial equipment. All these facts are reasons which lead to make tests & researches & developments with goal to find an Optimum Sealing Solutions.

‘Fugitive Emission’ regulations - formally expressed in acts like Clean Air Act, TA-Luft, IPPC, ISO 15848 – they furthermore include formal obligations for pressure vessels manufacturers and pressure installations users to install gaskets which will functionally secure their application acc. to ”Best Available Techniques” rules. Literally any newly build equipment, any installation already in operation must be designed, build and operated fulfilling appropriate emissions standards. To fulfil this requirement, gaskets and packings used as sealing components must be described by technical characteristics which proof their rightness. Here, in our Laboratory of Sealing Materials we are devoted to determining technical characteristics of various gaskets and packings.

Reliability of our Laboratory is proofed by TÜV Rheinland accreditation, which is supported by 30 years of continuous research and development activity. Our Laboratory is placed in Poland / UE, we are an active member of European Sealing Association since 1998.

Due to some unique testing rigs, testing capabilities, knowledge and experience, we successfully provide our services for customers all over the world.  

The activity of our LAB covers:

  •     Research & Development towards BAT “Best Available Techniques” among industrial sealings solutions,
  •     New technical solutions and seal designs tests determining their sealing and rheological properties improvement,
  •     Gaskets and packings tests for compliance with Clean Air Act, TA-Luft, IPPC, ISO15848, EN13555, ASTM F3149, along with other standards,
  •     Providing technical characteristics information about seals of various manufacturers to designers and users of pressure equipment,
  •     Developing research facilities in accordance with development directions observed in the sealing technology.

Our Laboratory is certified acc. to EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 standards.
If you need any technical support or need to perform any specific test which is not included on our standard offer - feel free to contact us directly via