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Growing demands concerning pressure equipment and their particular elements and, to even greater extent, seals, impose upon gasket manufacturers an obligation to provide technical support for product designers and end users. Apart from the tightness criterion, more and more frequently attention is being paid to the emission level in the context of legal regulations regarding broadly defend environmental protection.

Documents such as Clean Air Act, TA-Luft and IPPC force the end user to apply BAT (”best available techniques”) also, or maybe above all, in the gasket sector. At the manufacturers’ side it is connected with the necessity to publish in official materials (e.g., catalogues, websites) specific technical information concerning characteristic features of the offered product. Research aiming at development and implementation into use of new, more tight and durable technical solutions in the gasket group is also necessary.

Laboratory of Sealing Materials is operating beside SPETECH in Bielsko-Biała as an independent research unit, has since many years been the holder of the certifications issued by the Polish Office of Technical Inspection and TÜV Rheinland.

The Laboratory uses the quality system compliant with the requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 Std. The purpose of LAB activity, inter alia, is to:

  • obtain the leading position in Poland and Europe as regards testing of both flat and braided sealing materials,
  • create BAT “Best Available Techniques” in the industrial sealings sector,
  • test new technical solutions and seal designs aiming at their sealing and rheological properties improvement,
  • test products for compliance with Clean Air Act, TA-Luft, IPPC documentation and other environmental protection regulations,
  • develop research facilities in accordance with development directions observed in the sealing technology,
  • provide pressure equipment designers and end users with full information about seals manufactured in SPETECH,
  • conduct ordered tests both compliant with standards applied in the laboratory and those, the conditions of which are negotiated with the customer.

The Laboratory possesses necessary research facilities and qualified staff implementing an appropriate research programme within the framework of applicable procedures.

Due to the fact that SPETECH is the parent company of the LAB, conducted tests focus mainly on seals manufactured by this company. This tests results are reflected in SPETECH publications and, in particular, in characteristic quantities of these gaskets, presented by the company.