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We are pleased to inform that C.S.U.T. SPETECH  was granted financial support under the Silesia Regional Operational Programme 2014–2020, for projects:

“Retrofit and tightness modernization of dampers.”
SPETECH is planning to strengthen its competitiveness in the technical market for the end users of pressures equipment. We are planning to acquire technical means, that will allow to implement a unique method of retrofitting multi-eccentric dampers. At the same time we are planning to apply innovation in the production of seals for multi–eccentric dampers. This investment will diversify the offer of metal seals, and strengthen our position as a reliable partner in the field of technical solutions, in the pressure devices, apparatuses , pumps and fittings.
The project value 2 148 000 PLN, fund contribution 751 800 PLN.

“Innovation of technology diaphragms production. Innovative service of safety valves tests.”
As part of the development strategy in area of special metal seals, we intend to invest in production technology of diaphragms for high–parameter heat exchangers. This should strengthen our competitiveness on foreign markets. In addition, we want to introduce a safety valves test method unique on the domestic market. It will extend our offer in the field of laboratory and diagnostic engineering services.
The project value 1 700 000 PLN, fund contribution 595 000 PLN.

“International expansion at markets of high–parameter industrial seals.”
The company intends to take part in two international trade fairs. It will be Valve World Expo and Achema in Germany. The worldwide range of exhibitions will allow us to present specialized manufacturing capabilities and an assortment dedicated to large power plants, petrochemicals, chemistry, oil and gas extraction, high pressure armature producers,  valves manufacturers.
The project value 347 800 PLN, fund contribution 173 900 PLN.


Under the Silesia Regional Operational Programme 2014–2020, we have realised a project “Introduction of the quadruple offset butterfly valve sealing set, with product, process and non–technical innovation in branch training.”
As a result, we have implemented a composite metal–graphite seal assembly for four–eccentric valves with thin–walled secondary and connection seals. Our trainings where enriched with training stations with real–time visualization of parameters, spatial visualization techniques and an online repertory.
The project value 2 110 000 PLN, fund contribution 738 500 PLN.


The Regional Operational Programme of the Silesia Voivodeship – the real answer to the real needs.

The project co–financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund within the framework of the Regional Operational Programme of the Silesia Voivodeship for the years 2007–2013

Source information on the Regional Operational Programme of Silesia for years 2007 – 2013 are on

The following projects have been implemented under SROP:

  • "Technological innovations in the production processes of seals – graphite rings and metal rings".Project value 1 205 400 PLN, grant 490 000 PLN.
  • „Participation of SPETECH company as an exhibitor in ACHEMA 2012 Fair. Frankfurt, Germany 18 – 22 June 2012.” Value of the project 101 820 PLN, amount of grant 42 481 PLN.
  • „Technological innovation in the production process in SPETECH company using laser method of cutting sealing elements” Value of the project 1 670 687 PLN, amount of grant 746 995 PLN.
  • „New machines in SPETECH company. New methods of production metal and flat gaskets” Value of the project 1 114 770 PLN, amount of grant 459 341 PLN.
  • „Participation of SPETECH company as an exhibitor in ACHEMA 2009 Fair. Frankfurt,11 – 15 May 2009.” Value of the project 85 151 PLN, amount of grant 37 382 PLN.


Within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, the effects of 6.1 "Passport to Export" company SPETECH Ltd. implemented a project titled. "Preparing for Export Development Plan for the company SPETECH Sp. of o.o. "


European Funds – for the development of an innovative economy

name: Centrum Specjalistycznych Usług Technicznych SPETECH Sp. z o.o.

value of the project: 15 375,00 PLN

amount of grant: 10 000,00 PLN

the share of funding from the European Regional Development Fund: 85% of the funding, ie 8 500,00 PLN period: 01/02/2012 – 31/07/2012

The project is co–financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, there has been realized a venture “Developing potential investigative of company laboratory through application of innovative technology.”


European Funds – for the development of an innovative economy

Within the confines of Sectorial Operative Program – Growth of Enterprises Competitiveness co – found of European Regional Development Fund, company SPETECH has realized the projects:

  • “Product and technology innovation process – modernization of machinery park.”
  • “Implementing innovative techniques of management, product modernization – purchase software and computer equipment.”
  • „Participation as an exhibitor in ACHEMA 2006 Fair. Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 15–19.05.2006.”


Besides, in the frames of program Phare 2003 – Development and modernization of enterprises, based on new technologies – Fund Grant Investment, the following venture has been realized “Development and modernization of SPETECH company new technology investment – purchasing plasma–cut machine.”