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Engineering software EUROPARTNER® developed in SPETECH is used by designers and service companies to select proper flange joint seal and calculate correct tension and tightening torque. Moreover, it allows to calculate the whole flange joint as regards strength. The program contains several calculation algorithms compliant with:

• EN 1591-1:2013
• EN 1591-1:2009
• EN 1591-1:2001
• WUDT-UC-WO-/19:10.2003
• ASME Code s. VIII
• AD 2000 Merkblatt B7/B8
• EN 13445-3 Annex G

Using the algorithm EN 1591-2009 or ...2013 the designer, by selection of appropriate tightness class, can influence reduction of emissions generated by the selected seal. Thus, the joint is designed in the way compliant with requirements of such environmental protection regulations as IPPC Directive, TA-Luft and Clean Air Act. Use of the EUROPARTNER® program as an engineering and expert tool constitutes a part of generally applied and recommended ”best available techniques” and “good engineering practices”.