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It provides comfortable Flange Joint Gasket calculations possibilities together with dedicated engineering support from EUROPARTNER® Team.

‘Gold Package’ subscription includes:

  • Concurrent Network License for one active user which may be installed on 10 machines
  • Access to calculation algorithms:
    • EN 1591-1:2013 / :2009 / :2001
    • ASME Code Div. 1 s. VIII
    • AD 2000 Merkblatt B7/B8
    • EN 13445-3 Annex G
    • WUDT-UC-WO-/19:10.2003
  • Initial Training - presenting general software possibilities
  • Case Study Training - calculation of any particular case chosen by user  
  • Advanced Training - presenting each of software modules (for 12months licences)
  • Individual printing layout prepared by our designer based on customer sheet (for 12months licences)
  • Help with installation process with dedicated EUROPARTNER® support specialist
  • Upgrades during subscription concerning system upgrades and any new calculation algorithms upgrades