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A particular gasket type is selected automatically by the program on the basis of specified limiting conditions or manually by the designer. The program contains the database of SPETECH seals and those mentioned in a given standard. It is possible to design and calculate any gasket and the program producer can add seals of other companies.

EN, DIN, ASME, PN standards included in database: EN 1514-1, EN 1514-2:July 2001, EN 1514-2:August 2005, EN 1514-3, EN 1514-4, EN 1514-6, EN 1514-7, DIN 2690, DIN 2691, DIN 2692, DIN 2693, DIN 2696:April 1972, DIN 2696:August 1999, DIN 2697, ASME B16.20-1998, ASME B16.21-1992