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Quality Policy

Spetech is a leading supplier of industry seals in the group of flat seals and glands for industry use. Realize quality policy in accordance with iso 9001:2008 compliance with its requirements. existing in organization the quality management system is subjected to continous improvement to ensuring its effectiveness. The improvement of our organization in the scope of efficient using of material resources and staff potential leads to better fulfilling the requirements and expectations customers and partners of business, what is the important purpose of the existence our organization. The research and development activity, the search for new solutions and adaptation to changing needs is an expression care of trust contractors. Management c.s.u.t. spetech has set quality targets which included main processes occuring in company, are an element improvement of processes and shall be regulary reviewed.



Quality objectives are oriented:

  • ensure timelines, reliability and quality supplies.
  • continous development staff qualifications.
  • improvement and adaptation to needs production and research equipment.

Chief Executive Officer

Jan Kasprzyk

Bielsko–Biała, 14.01 2022