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Special gaskets - Lamiflex Seals JJ

New sealing solution to secure gap between Longitudinal Baffle and Heat Exchanger’s shell available from SPETECH
Beside self clamping baffle seals style ‘YY’ - we are introducing SPETECH® Lamiflex seals style ‘JJ’.

SPETECH offers Hydrogen Induced Cracking [HIC] Test

Due to growing importance of Hydrogen applications SPETECH offers Hydrogen Induced Cracking [HIC] of raw materials used for production of metallic seals. Effective from January 2022 our customers may get HIC - Hydrogen Induced Cracking test for any material.

Kindy inviting to our LAB!

We are glad to announce that beginning of 2022 our Laboratory of Sealing Materials started using Hydrogen for leakage tests. Reliability of our Laboratory is proofed by TÜV Rheinland accreditation, which is supported by 30 years of continuous research and development activity.