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About us

SPETECH has been established in 1988. From the beginning, SPETECH has been providing both, technology and materials for operational support systems and maintenance. We specialise in process seals technology as well as other areas, to include lab testing and research, provision of technical advice in cooperation with national network of technical bodies, staff training, specialised services related to flange treatment, provision of software for measuring flange connections, production, delivery of seals as well as optimising the sealing systems for our customers.Laboratory of Sealing Materials (LSM) is being run in line with the EN ISO/IEC 17025 rules. The LSM runs gaskets tests in accordance with the EN 13555, ASTM F-586, F-36, F38, VDI 2440, EN 61340-2-3 standards; and armature packages testing in line with the EN ISO 15848-1. In addition to that, the LSM runs the tightness and mechanical properties tests according in compliance with internal procedures. The LSM is an approved sub-contractor for TÜV Rheinland and Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT).SPETECH provides technical advice in the field of the diagnostics of gaping causes, based on the measurement of connections shape and dimensions, material analysis, chemical resistance, operation history as well as aging and corrosion processes analysis.The Flange Assembly and Bolting Training, in addition to an ongoing education in the area of modern sealing techniques, is being designed and delivered in compliance with EN-1591-4 and on two levels, i.e. for flange fitters and for the responsible engineers. The flange services are related to roughness determination, as well as shape declination measurement, predominantly, the flatness and conicity; and less often the cylindricity of sealed areas. In cases of shape aberrance, the mending and tooling processes (legalisation, turning, etc.) are put in place. The calculation program EUROPARTNER® being currently supplied, includes an algorithm compliant with the EN 1591-1:2013,- 2009, - 2001, ASME Code s. VIII, AD 2000 Merkblatt, WUDT. The soft database contains the seals, bolts, gaskets and flangestype and dimensions data as well as the material data related to all elements of the joints. Based on our analytical software and on the FEM method, we are determining the flange connections design features for particularly responsible connectors.

The production is based on CNC and devices which guarantee highly repetitive and economical production. We have been ISO 9001 certified in this field for nearly 20 years. Our workshop areas currently span 5000 sq.m. We are compliant with EN ISO 3834-2 in the field of welded elements production.SPETECH products have numerous certificates and accreditations for their manufactured products, including from institutions such as: TÜV Rheinland, Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), Münster University of Applied Sciences, Amtec, National Institute of Hygiene (PZH), and Oil and Gas Institute (INIG). We are a member of: European Sealing Association (ESA) and Polish Industrial Valves Association (SPAP).SPETECH is the first Eastern European company to become a member of the European Sealing Association (ESA) 1998, participating in the Flange Gasket Division and Packing Division activities. The ESA is a forum for the development and promotion of qualitative, safe and eco-friendly solutions in the area of seals. The Polish Industrial Valves Association plays a similar role in the Polish market and SPETECH are hoping to carry out similar activities through this association. Due to SPETECH’s specialisation in pressure equipment and being directly connected with the PED directive, we are working closely with a Polish supervisory authority, namely Polish Office of Technical Inspection (UDT), in the fields of pressure equipment manufacturing and testing. For the same reason, we are also working with other supervisory authorities from a wide range of countries, with jurisdiction both at European and national levels.As a result, we have been ISO 9001:2008 certified through the renowned and accredited TÜV Rheinland organisation since late 1990s. ISO 9001 is a certification required for pressure equipment deliveries. One of the examples of working in a local market, is our cooperation with a Belarusian organization, Gostpromnadzor.